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AI Driven Cloud Robots for Business Data

Business Data is the New Gold.  Plan9 AI will enhance and aggregate your data, sync your data between systems and protect the integrity and value of your data.

Now small companies, medium enterprises and startups can benefit from advances in AI Driven Cloud Robots at about 10% of the cost of traditional ‘integrations’.

Our Software Robots use machine learning and real-time data sources to clean, augment, transform and model your business data.  We can augment incoming data faster than a sales person can login to your CRM, and give you total auditing for all augmentations.

Your company brings in data from many sources.  The data quality varies greatly and often lacks key information such as Geography, Company, Size, Industry and more.  Plan9 AI’s Cloud Robots are trained to enhance your data while providing a complete audit trail of any additions or corrections.  This provides everything you need to get better business results and stay compliant with data requirements such as SOC 2, GDPR, CASL, CCPA and other data regulations.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Cloud Robots and AI are growing rapidly in larger enterprises.  In its simplest form, Cloud (Software) Robots replace repetitive, manual workflows.

Plan9 AI’s Cloud Robots add the power of Machine Learning to obtain data enhancements far beyond error-prone manual processes.

Robots deploy within hours or days and can usually be trained to enhance your data 1000 times faster than any human.

ZNU Robots have lowered the cost of data augmentation and integrations to an easily affordable tool for smaller companies.

Znu Robots, from Plan9 AI, work with your existing data sources and platforms.  Unlike primitive data integration tools, Znu Robots are built using machine learning algorithms to bring the power of artificial intelligence into a useful, affordable solution.  See the details page for How Software Robots Work.

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